Anger Management

People become angry, because they break a relation, or leave a career, or did not get selected for a job or someone made them angry or they are not satisfied about their own self or relation with others, or because they have an illness they can’t surrender to, the reasons are many and are unidentifiable.

When people get angry, they may project their emotion on others by hurting them or revenging their anger with someone else by selecting the wrong person as a victim of his or her emotion.

When they are angry in a relation, they go for smoking or just in taking drugs that are dangerous for their body.

What should a person do when he is angry?

When a person dampens his anger and does not act upon it by a solution, he tends to have it in the unconscious and because he dampened the conscious levels of behaving smart and solving the solution, the unconscious hurt him back.

Having a problem means you have to go for a walk, listen to musical meditation or programming mind meditation, when you listen to programming mind meditation or even get hypnotized for your problem. Your mind start thinking from the beginning of events triggering your problem till at the end of the cassette you play the right melody which the program intuited you to. It is so easy, but people tend to go for the difficult situation. Instead of trying to calm themselves after a problem and healing themselves, they tend to ruin their thoughts and endanger others who has no real interference with their problem.

So; better search for a solution to the problem for the unconscious not to hurt you.

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