Many people prove themselves by thinking about how they can intuit and become intelligent using their emotion and prediction. They are powerful in that.

The thing is that you don’t have to say it, you have to surrender to God instead. Instead of feeling not happy about many areas in your life. Leave your self in the hand of God, as if this is what is fatal for you. As if it is your final day and you did your best. Leave yourself in the hands of God.


When you surrender to God, this does not mean you don’t have work to do, but hard work is important, spiritual work. God ordained us to work hard and not to procrastinate or goof off.


The thing is that when you surrender to God, he set forth his workings to you, you find amazing things happening and surprises and healing.


Worrying about your ailment will not heal you, but when you surrender your illness and call God, He will heal you by natural alchemy. God send messages to people who have piety, pure and faithful. Those who leave it all in the hands of God.


What is the purpose of you living, ask yourself?

E.G. my purpose is that I remain peaceful, mention God, behave well, help others, fulfill my self, build a good career, but I don’t ask, all that is automatic because I love God. When you love God, he will set all the cosmic power to help you and relax you and guide you and guard you.

Your life all is to God, and you live to love God, be peaceful and you go at the end to meet God.

We ran from the moon to the earth and we run from the earth to the moon. It is our enigma.



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