Age of Information and AI

We are living in a new age. The age of the Brain and wisdom, the most critical think that holds people is fear. I want you to usher fear is not a problem. Fear can be a goal driven. You have to act upon your fear. To change the mental loops that have problems into ecstasy, by upholding to goodness and vigor creation.

There are various training to the mind to think positive, to smile, to have positive thoughts, to welcome good ideas, to learn, to add up and succeed.

The Brain is amazing in acquiring and knowing. The eye sight is a half way to knowing. Jillian ponds and antennas of intelligence, it is a wide scope.

The scope is the brain, open your circuits, learn from mistakes, repeat, revise, review, also repetition will assist you.

Today if you want to learn how to learn, it is easy, the secret is listening to other great minds than you and in listening to them you will become someone great.

The brain is an amazing Pond, that has million of tentacles, if improve and expanded, the person would leap to higher wisdom and transcendence.

Jobs as craft, drawing, engraving are the practical way and expand intelligence.

The subjects of the era are self development, talk it, history and art. Try to master things, when you master, you become hard wired.

We are in the Age of AI, we will purchase AI, and there will be no need for some vocations, some vocations will be abandoned because AI, created facilities to perform jobs.

If we practice health and master our psychology and food science, we will live till older ages.

Every one of the great people is speaking about these things, so; cond. yang, create your condition, move fast. Excel and Achieve and Exercise.


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Ghost Writer :

Shahinaz El Ramly

Shahinaz El ramly is writer of Leadership and Business Awareness, Artifact Ghesmate Ligature, Intelligence and Developmental, My Life Self Improvement, Self Development 101 and she is a primer in modern psychology.

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