How to Control Different Types of Emotions

I was listening to Anthony Robbins and he was discussing every emotion is a signal.

E.G. someone you love hurt you, you feel rejected.

Action signals to reevaluate the way you are perceiving something. Identify the signal, you feel rejection is uncomfortable for you. Your feeling of state uncomfortable about that; you will hallucinate.

Clarify what you want. I feel kind rejected, uncomfortable, change your state. When you feel sensation hurt inside, you are lost.

You have to clarify what you want to change, either your perception or the way you perceive it. The message we need to change. This person is wrapped up in what they are doing because they are immersed, so this is the reason they treat you badly. So by knowing the reason now, you won’t feel the same hurt.

How you respond??

The message of rejection is standard, you have something you are thinking about. May be this person has received from you an inferior action, bad look.

So look at things, communicate, behave, change the way you are behaving. I got to change my expectation the way I am behaving, say to your self. It has a message you got to change.

If you feel uncomfortable change your action.

Fear: we need to prepare ourselves to deal with something.

We don’t have to amplify, to figure out what we want to do. Convert fear and know the concern. Prepare the message. This is a message I need to change my perception.

Feeling of hurt: Is a sense of loss, sense of loss create hurt. May be you have to change the way you are communicating your behavior.

If somebody violates your standard, communicate your rule, communicate in different way. I know you did not understand this is private. You need to compromise them finally. change your rules.

First action, you need to change your perception approach.

Disappointed: You need to realize an action is not going to happen, change your expectation about it.

Guilt: Guilt serves you if you hear the message, if you deny the guilt, it is going to get back, the purpose is clean your act. When you feel the signal, you identify the signal.

You say: I really don’t mean to do this to eliminate the guilt, analyze it, don’t moan it.

Inadequacy: Means you have to take action and change the way you are perceiving. Change the procedure.

Feeling overloaded or overwhelmed is a signal, you need to reevaluate what is happening to you in this situation. Hopeless: I need to change my state.

Handle anything you will feel like there is hope, take one thing, master it.

Lonely: Message we need to make certain action with people. May be you need someone to laugh with and talk with, what is going on right now, you need to change it, change what you think.

Choose meaning, that empower your life, instead of assuming this meaning.


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