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weave hands on hearrtTHE BRAIN”

Most people think their thoughts begin in the Head. What most people don’t know or don’t realize is thought begins in the hear. ”Weave your hand against your heart and point” my annotation.. The reason why thoughts are felt before they are travel to your brain. It is all based on elector physiology – the study of the electrical properties of biological cells and tissues..


Brain stems located at the top of your spinal cord.

Parts of the Brain:

Breathing and walking oldest part of the brain.



Rough housed

Reticular information



Stem of your brain Bandura allows you to breath control hear breath.

Your thalamus tells you brain about touch and faced house clowns.

Cerebellum behind stem, Reticular for relaying reaction, helps you walk and remember.

Hangory Hounds Ate Pvolv Limibic system.


1. Hypothalamus stands for Han-gory

2. Hippo-campus stands for Hounds

3. Amygdula stands for Ate

4. Pituitary Stands for Pavolv

1. Hypothalamus helps you regulate hunger. Process term memory.

2. Amygdula responsible for hungered feelings of anger.

3. Pituitary control release of Hormones.

For continuation.


If you are aware of your body, you eat right, sleep well, breath well.

Eating well is eating when you are hungry, and only when you are hungry, if you want to eat more than the principle meals, then wait for another meal to come and eat in time.

You must chew your food if you watch a dog you will find him chewing, when chewing your food assimilate your body, but when bolting, you eat with the devil. It all turns evil unto you.

People who know how to eat well, eat from nature, they don’t know the meaning of coffee or sweets and exclude it from their food regime.

Eat what nature gives you, this is the right way to eat, eat according to your country, because the food in your country is the healthiest food, natural food include, meet, bones, organs, poultry, seeds, nuts, etc.

Science have found that there are many research on food regime and all of them attest each other, so we should eat what nature gives.

Sleep well, don’t think of your business, it will grow, when it is time to rest, take it and thank god for all his blessings, faith is the most imp. thing.

Breath well, we naturally breath, but not all of us breath deeply, ventilate your room to have the atmosphere air coming in and you breath even if it is too hot, you should have atmosphere or else the air of the room is dead.

The eager of knowledge is to satisfy the mind, but it never gives faith, we are a thinking substance that permeates an existing body.

To have faith, we must be thankful, convinced and know that it is the only truth.

Knowledge is not wisdom, but wisdom comes from faith.

If you are not believing, you will always be fearing.


There are various types of intelligence:

1. Open Intelligence

2. Education Intelligence

3. Multiple Intelligence

We will tackle in this post Open Intelligence only:

Open intelligence is our innate nature. It does not differentiate between human beings. Every one is smart. We are all powerful.

The mind think in term of data. We must differentiate between data and knowledge. We must not behave on our nerves for every trivia.

As in NLP, we must program the juke box, turn the pain into Ecstasy, swish it, and play the write melody.

Technology has gone so far and we are witnessing the world of technology. We can invent anything because our mind is intelligent and is able to know and correct itself. Our mind knows everything, there is nothing that we can not learn. Our innate intelligence nature make us capable of that.  This is open intelligence.

Our thoughts have meaning whether negative or positive. There is no haphazard thought.

The modern subjects are Machine intelligence – Nano Technology – Bio Science.

The foreign world teaches children multiple intelligence – Philosophy and religion.

The solution to our intelligence is open intelligence to get rid of morobidial or lethargic thoughts and replace them by lateral thoughts.

The data we receive we restate all the time, do you want to recite trivia, so that’s why there is a per-requisite for learning and education.

We should practice reading, writing, media ‘Video making’, communication.

Open intelligence is purity, mind power, education, etc.

The road to our mind is endless, so we should view all our life incidents without any regret, there is no sorrow, no backward step.

It is short moments, we have a lot of them, so we should enjoy them.

Open intelligence is the New Cosmology.

To read about Education intelligence read about success in Business-preneurship 101 Menu page.

Minimalism means to De-clutter and become a minimalist.

A Minimalist don’t have clutter at his home, his furniture is smart, his wardrobe is smart, his bookcase is smart, his computer is smart, etc, this means he downsize everything to the things he use only, why keep things we don’t use, why not donate it or sell it on dubbizle. Why keep our children old copybooks and books and have heavy boxes when we move from our house. Why we don’t write notes and then write it electronically and get rid of the Notebook.

Minimizing your owning is a very smart way to live. You will find out you have tons and grams of things, that could have helped you travel or save or make business.

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